Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Creative Space

Sorry it has been so long. My time has been filled with family and holidays...but now it is back to business! One thing I am so incredibly thankful for is my craft studio. My husband was generous enough to allow me to have an entire room devoted to my crafting endeavors. I thought I would give yall a little glimpse!

Wall 1: shelves of all my "machines" :-) (Cricut, laminator, typewriter, etc)

 Wall 2: My dog, for some odd reason, cries and whines if we try and put his crate anywhere besides my craft room. So I got creative and put a top on it and made some table/work space.

 The business side of things.

 Wall 3: My table space. Computer on the right and TV on the left.

Wall 4: All of my supplies organized into their labeled containers including (but not limited to. lol): yarn, projects in progress, fabric, gift wrapping supplies, craft books/magazine, paper, Cricut supplies, knick knacks, sewing supplies, etc.

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