Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lookback on the holiday craft show season

This past September was my first craft show ever! And it was a big success! After that... it just kept rolling from there. :-) Luckily, the fall is the busiest time for craft shows because of the holidays, so I never had to search very hard for opportunities. I set my goals fairly low so that I wouldn't get discouraged and could give myself a bit of a learning curve. And learn I did! I am very excited to build back up my inventory, and start the spring line of shows bigger and better than ever!

Some things I learned:
- Shows aren't only for selling, but also for networking. You don't know how successful a craft show is, because someone who picked up your business card might order something six months later!
- I loved getting to know other artists and share our ideas, businesses, art, and other awesome opportunities we know about!
- I got so many cool ideas about how to set up my booth so that it stands out (and already have the hubs building away for me) :-)
- I learned where I want my booth cost maximum to be, and what type of venues my items do well at.

A look-back in pictures:

Practicing my setup for the very first show!

The final product - First show


  1. wow. Great article about your first show and I love the pictures (practice and after)

  2. What a great post! I had all but decided to sway away from craft shows, but you gave me some inspiration back after reading your experience and views! Thank you for a great read and the inspiration!

    Peace, LOVE & Hippie Chic Jewelz

  3. Thanks Hippie Chic Jewelz! That is what I am here inspire :-)