Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm Back!

Hey All,
So much has happened in my world of arts & crafts this summer, but I will start with the biggest news:
First craft fair ever on Sept 3rd = success!

I spent basically all summer working away in my studio building up an inventory, of which to do my first craft show. A couple months ago Michael and I happened to stop by our local farmer's market (first time EVER even though it is on our way home from church) to browse and I spotted a flyer for a craft fair. It seemed like the perfect amount of time and the booth fee was pretty low, so I turned to Michael and said, "THIS is my goal".  I was so nervous about it. Basically showing the public what I can do and hoping they like it.

I had a good time and loved being able to talk to the other crafters too! Now my plan is to put the leftover items up on my etsy shop: So if you saw something you liked on Sat but werent able to purchase, or if you werent able to make it worries! It will all be up on etsy soon!

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