Friday, September 30, 2011

NEW ITEM and new feature!

I just posted a new item on Etsy: Journals! AND now you can buy straight from this blog. On the right you will see my Etsy shop's scrolling items.

Journals are 8.50 EACH. They measure 5.5 wide by 8.5 tall. They are .5 inches thick. Blank, white paper on the inside. Back and front covers are cream colored cardstock (back is blank). All are spiral bound with black coils. The front covers are very textured with all different types of materials including ribbon, metal, pen drawings, fabric, flowers, etc.

Words on the front:
- On front of silver and black one: "She left pieces of her life behind her everywhere she went. It's easier to feel the sunlight without them, she said."
- On front of pink one: "Calories: (noun) Tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little big tighter every night." :-)
- One front of gold and brown one: "Only those who truly love and who are truly strong can sustain their lives as a dream. You dwell in your own enchantment..."

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