Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent home decor projects

Hey guys,
These pics are very old, but I wanted to share them with you! The best part is they cost about zero dollars :-) All made from wood in the garage, paint, and scrapbook paper.

This is our hallway. It used to be blank, but now it is lined with pictures of our family (pre second dog). Michael made different size, shape, and thickness of frames. I painted them to match our living room colors. I told him just to make random sizes, because I didn't want them to fit the pictures perfectly. What I did was arrange different pictures and sayings and squares of scrapbook paper to fit, like a scrapbook page in each frame.

And this is our new headboard. Again...Michael made it out of wood in the garage and I painted it! He also made the frames above and I just put different scrapbook paper pages that matched the bedroom decor in each. So much better than the nothing that used to be there. :-)

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